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memphis dog training

Behavior Modification Free of Fear

Our process is rooted in humane, proven, positive reinforcement. We work with reward-based pet training methods to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve behavior without any fear-based tactics.

We believe there’s a better way and work hard with every individual to understand all the relevant factors, including animal history and unique predisposition, before customizing a tried and true course of action to bring out the very best in your animal.

Our Memphis Pet Training Services



Are you worried that your pet will injure itself, another animal, or person?

Are you frustrated by your pet’s behavior?

Do you want your pet to be happy and well behaved?



Do you need a place to refer your clients to when they ask about behavior problems?

Would you like to incorporate more behavior into your practice?

Do you value staff safety and patient comfort occurring simultaneously?



Do you just wish you had people to discuss cases with?

Would you like help with a case without completely referring it away?

Are you interested in collaborating on a project or presentation?



Do you value staff safety?

Are you interested in keeping the animals in your care as mentally healthy as possible?

Do you want to keep pets in their homes?

Would you like to address problem behaviors within your facility?

“I’ve witnessed Jennie’s development over 25 years as a committed, compassionate and competent animal behaviorist. She worked for me at my small animal hospital as a technician while she pursued her education as a veterinary technician, a bachelor’s degree and then her M.A. She listens carefully, has great empathy, asks pertinent questions, communicates with skill and is very helpful in her assessments and recommendations.”

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    —Ellie Bush, DVM

“Jennie turned my pup’s life around, she’s great! My dog came to the shelter at 4 years old from a horrific cruelty situation. When he arrived he was so frightened of everything and everyone that he was kept away from volunteers and the public. Once Jennie started working with him he calmed down, learned to walk properly on a leash, to heel, sit, and stay. He became a real gentleman and came home with me to join my critter family. He’s now a delight and loves my cats and plays easily with the neighborhood dogs.”

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    —Katherine Ward

“Jennie’s compassion for animals and their people is evident in all her work. My work with Jennie includes performing evaluations and behavior modification with dogs and cats from high volume cruelty and neglect situations. Jennie is a strong, attentive, and expert animal handler. I highly trust and value her expertise when working alongside her with unruly and dangerous dogs. Jennie has helped thousands of animals in temporary field shelters successfully prepare for their next chapter. Her leadership skills keep a team working efficiently and effectively. With a direct, yet happy, easy-going, and approachable style, Jennie is respected among people and animals alike.”

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    —Sharon Cudd Wirant