Fees and Charges

PHONE CHAT up to 15 minutes No Charge
FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION FEE ~90 minutes $225.00
DISCOUNTS (shelter/rescue animals, seniors, military) 10%
TRAVEL CHARGES (not discounted; exact amount to be determined after your address is known; you can estimate by adding 5 miles to the distance between your home and 9947 Wolf River Blvd, Germantown, TN 38139.) round trip $0.58/mile

What to Expect

Thank-you for your interest in working with Synergy Animal Behavior! If you are a pet professional of any kind, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. For Pet Owners, the process of working together is initiated by you calling, e-mailing, or sending in a message on our Get Started page. From there, we may discuss a few things over the phone or e-mail and when you are ready to schedule an appointment, we will give you a client login so that you may access a History Form and Service Agreement. Note, these documents must be submitted no later than 8:00am on the business day (Monday - Friday) prior to your scheduled appointment. Some people are not sure that they are ready to invest in a full initial consultation. Although we are always willing to chat on the phone briefly at no charge, sometimes owners elect to schedule a one hour phone consultation first. In this case, we only discuss the history and treatment plan to allow one to make a more informed decision about going forward with treatment. This option is great for people who are farther away too.

All pets should have had a complete medical work-up by their veterinarian within six months prior to the appointment. Cats and dogs over 16 weeks of age must be current on Rabies vaccinations. For animals on an active bite quarantine, the session may be scheduled for after the expiration of the quarantine. Initial appointments usually occur in your home and typically last about two hours. It is best if all adult humans who live with the animal are present for the appointment, if possible. We will call you from our vehicle when we arrive; we prefer not to knock on your door as many pets are upset by this. For teaching purposes, we may bring a volunteer or intern along to assist or observe.

During the first half of the initial appointment, we will discuss your pet’s history and related topics. Follow-up appointments typically, but not always, involve more hands on work with your pet. During the second half of the initial appointment, we will explain the treatment recommendations to you, demonstrate related tasks, and observe your animal. Depending on the exact nature of your animal’s behavior and comfort level with strangers, we may or may not work directly with your pet at first. In many cases, the pet is more comfortable if we coach you through activities instead. In either case, plan to have the pet confined in a secure and separate area, away from where we will be talking initially. If the pet will be distressed by the confinement, let us know in advance and we can discuss a strategy to make him/her more comfortable. Most animals are comforted by having exercise prior to the confinement time, a long lasting food toy (such as a Kong filled with canned food), a comfortable bed, and some classical music. For many dogs, we require that the dog stay on leash during the second half of the appointment. At the end of your appointment, we will process your payment; we accept cash, check, and credit cards. A receipt will be e-mailed to you. If you fail to pay or your check is returned, we will withhold your Visit Summary until payment is received.

After the appointment, we will e-mail a Visit Summary to you and your veterinarian within a week of our meeting. Please confirm via e-mail when you receive your summary. Ongoing discussion with your veterinarian is included, if he/she desires. Follow-up appointments may be arranged for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. They can be scheduled at the end of the consultation or by e-mail or phone afterwards. Follow-up e-mail and video is encouraged, but lengthy discussion will occur during follow-up appointments. Follow-up sessions are usually done in person, but may occasionally be conducted over the phone or video meeting, depending on the nature of the problem and your location.

Contact Us

Preparing for your Appointment

  • Prior to 8:00am on the day prior to your appointment, submit the Service Agreement and History Form and all supporting documentation.
  • Make sure we have the best phone number to reach you at for the start time of your appointment.
  • Plan a location to confine your pet during the first phase of the consultation.
  • Gather supplies for your pet’s confinement.
  • Prepare sandwich sized bags or containers at least half full of your pet’s five favorite treats, cut into pea-sized bites.
  • For cats, quantities can be cups instead of bags.
  • Exercise your pet prior to the appointment.
  • For dogs, have a secure collar or harness and leash available for the appointment day.

In the Meantime

  • Keep a log of the problem behavior.
  • Avoid situations that are likely to trigger the undesirable behavior, as much as possible.
  • Video record normal activities of your pet.
  • Video record normal interactions between you and your pet.
  • Email short videos to the e-mail address below or upload longer videos to YouTube and share the link with us via e-mail.