It’s not your fault

If the dream dog, cat, or other furry, scaly, or feathered friend you painstakingly selected and brought home turned out to be problematic. There is hope! Sometimes, it takes a bit of an adjustment and some outside help to build a solid foundation for you and your new family members to enjoy life together.

And other times, it just might not be the fit you imagined. Bringing in a qualified outside party can help make that call and taking the right course of action a lot easier. We even offer pre-adoption consults to cover all your bases before you make that big step of bringing a new pet into your home. We are here to help with your pet or dog training in Memphis and surrounding areas.

memphis dog training

We foster and strengthen the loving relationship between you and your pet so you can enjoy a

safe, happy, healthy life together.

Memphis dog training

Go from worrying about your pet injuring themselves, another animal, or a person to confidently getting out in the world and enjoying life together.

Say goodbye to frustration over your pet’s behavior and start bonding with your happy, well-behaved pet with our proven methods for better behavior.

We offer Memphis dog training, private behavior consultations, coaching, seminars, and workshops for a variety of species. Any behavior can be addressed, but common problems we treat and topics we cover include:

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    Preparing for/adjusting to children
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    Reactivity & aggression
  • greenpaw
    Fear, anxiety, & phobias
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    House soiling & other destructive behaviors
  • greenpaw
    Stereotypic & compulsive behaviors
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    Nuisance & unruly behaviors
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    Relocating & moving with pets
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    Petscaping: pet-centered interior & exterior planning/arranging
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    Pit Bulls, the delight, the challenge, & the balance
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    Body language - animals & humans
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“Jennie was great in that she understood the cats AND me! I am a school principal who is owned by a very lovely calico cat. I was convinced she was lonely, so I fostered a kitten for her. My calico made it VERY clear she did not want a brother, nor was she very fond of me during the two months I tried to make the cohabitation work! I tried everything all my rescue friends suggested and still, no luck. Jennie was so professional and reassuring to me. She offered many, many really practical suggestions in her report for both kitties. She taught me so much about my calico, and helped me to realize that the situation was not my fault. I decided on my own that I simply did not have the time to work enough with the two of them. I was able to rehome the sweet little kitten to a fabulous family who has even adopted another kitten to be his friend. We are all happy, and I have my sweet calico back to her affectionate self.”

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    —Becky Dean

“This new way of training for us has really helped so much! I really am so appreciative we found Jennie and have been able to keep our family intact. Our 11 year old English Bulldog became aggressive toward our toddler as she became more mobile and vocal. The behavior intensified after the arrival of our second child. We were on the verge of having to consider rehoming our dog to keep our children safe. Jennie helped us develop safe, individualized, management measures tailored to our home and lifestyle. Things are going very well. Our house is a much safer environment for all now!!!”

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    —Lisa Scott

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