Unicorns and rainbows simply go together. March reminds me of rainbows. Perhaps Leprechauns and pots of gold have something to do with this? Rainbows also remind me of Springtime thunderstorms. This Spring is stormy in a very different way with the rapid spread of the coronavirus. During this uncertain and emotionally stormy time, I encourage you to focus on the rainbows among you. If you are fortunate enough to live with pets, they are effervescent sources of joy; let them be your rainbow! If you do not currently have a pet, this unexpected time at home may be an excellent time for you to foster a pet for your local animal shelter or rescue group. These organizations desperately need foster homes right now, and it cost nothing but time for the foster provider. If neither of these situations is feasible for you, at least relish in the laughter and joy that electronic images and videos of pets provide. For some people, there are places within the heart that only animals can reach.

Let them bring you joy!

For those who do live with pets, one way to find more joy with them is to teach them something new. Tully and Stella love learning new things. In the photo, they are working on staying in place on their Klimb platforms.

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